Forcadell, an expert company in real expert consulting and management, places at your disposal a wide array of real estate services also from their Mallorca Office.


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Housing sales and rents

If you are an owner and you want to sell or rent your home, we can advise you, adapting to your specific needs, so you can find the best option. For instance, in case you need to renegotiate your tenant’s rent, dispose of a valuation or an appraisal, or carry out any sort of restoration or rehabilitation, do not hesitate to contact our experts  consultants at the Forcadell Palma de Mallorca Office.

We place within our client’s reach, owners or seekers, our experience in housing selling and renting in its broadest sense, from renegotiating a tenant’s rent to  valuations or appraisals, or even carrying out any sort of restoration of home rehabilitation that could be needed.

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